Meet Jeff Goodieson

Meet Jeff Goodieson

Jeff and his wife Mary have spent the last 10 years building Goodieson Brewery. The couple, who spent their twenties travelling through Europe, developed a taste for craft beer among the traditional beer houses of Austria and Germany. Returning home to Australia in 1994 via the US, they saw the rise of craft beer and on return to Australia, Jeff completed a Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours in Malting and Brewing in 1999.

Landing a position with Lion Nathan, Jeff honed his skills at West End Brewery in Adelaide, before taking a technical position at the company’s national office in Sydney, where he worked with breweries across Australia and oversaw a range of production, development, innovation, and quality assurance projects.

Jeff’s passion for traditional brewing techniques, combined with his knowledge and innate ability to create distinct flavours while paying respect to the beer, saw him establish himself as one of Australia’s leading brewers.

Since its debut in 2010, Goodieson Brewery has consistently been recognised among Australia’s best craft breweries and producers of traditional and unique beer styles. Jeff’s award-winning brewing practices incorporate traditional techniques and consistently deliver big flavoured, full-bodied beers with fresh, clean finishes. All beers are brewed onsite using natural ingredients, without preservatives or additives. Jeff is frequently listed as a person of influence within the Australian brewing industry, and a leader in South Australian business. With a core range of TEN beers, Jeff increased production in 2017 – releasing 10 beers in 10 months, including a range of seasonal ales and stouts – now totalling 27 different beers across the year.

For Jeff, who was trained to think of beer as a sphere – where nothing should stick out – achieving a taste that appeals to the palate, yet respects the origins of the beer, is at the heart of each beer he produces.

Jeff is committed to staying true to the promise he made when the rustic brewery produced its first ale – consistency.

“The brand is a promise, you have to live up to that promise. If I am not 100% happy with the beer, it doesn’t go out the door.”


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