Goodieson Brewery

Barrel aged beer

We are starting a new journey with our barrel aged beers.

Although beer has been aged in wooden barrels for centuries, it was in the USA in the 90’s that some brewers decided to aged beer in bourbon barrels. By letting the beer aged for 6-12 months or more, it allows the beer time to soak into the staves of the barrel and bring out various complex flavours and aromas.

We are currently aging our Stout and our Christmas Ale in wine barrels that were used by Gemtree Wines for their Shiraz. The Shiraz would have been in the barrels for some years, and although we are unsure of the flavours that will impart into the beer we are confident the heavy full bodied style beers that we are using will easily meld with the oak and shiraz notes that the barrel will give off.

The barrels form part of a display in the Cellar Door at Goodieson Brewery, McLaren Vale, the first two beers that are currently aging will be released in 2017. The Stout in June and the Christmas Ale in December with more to follow.

Check back here soon for an update on how we are going… fingers crossed.