Goodieson Brewery

The Ginger Bock

So why Ginger Bock you ask…..

Ginger has been extensively used in both cooking and the treatment of common ailments for well over 5000 years. So has beer I hear you say. It is thought to have originated from the Indian Subcontinent and from there found it’s way around the globe. Besides cooking, ginger is also used to make herbal teas, motion sickness remedies and of course drinks both hot and cold. Ginger beer has been part of our modern culture for a long time now, so as massive lovers of all things ginger, we thought it was a great place to start.

This is the first beer that the brewers at Goodieson’s have created for what will become know as our ‘Small Batch Series’. This series will see beers move left of centre where we can explore what flavours and ingredients really do work well in beer. We have a separate 300-litre pilot fermenter and bright beer tank designed to allow us the freedom to experiment and have fun with beer.

So the Ginger Bock, what can we say……

We love our malt here at Goodieson Brewery that goes without saying, but by adding ginger, and nothing short of very fresh gorgeous aromatic ginger, you now get a great ginger hit on the front of your palette, along with warmth from the ginger. Not only has the ginger given the beer a kick in flavour, it has settled in to being a 6.7% Alc/vol that might also give you a kick. (Drink in moderation!) There is very little bitterness; the ginger and the maltiness have taken care of that.

Guaranteed to be small batch only this time around. Give us your feedback, if any of our small batch series get rated highly enough we might even think about bringing them into our permanent range. Check them out, you’ll love them too!

We have a limited release, so be quick!