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We have specially converted our historical brewery into a captivating journey through time

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Take a swig of good hard apple cider, and you’ll experience a variety of complex flavors and, quite possibly, the overwhelming feeling of refreshment. Cider isn’t for wimps anymore; once the hooch of choice for men of war and politics, hard cider is finally getting back to its roots and regaining its well-deserved popularity. A clean crisp dry apple cider, with tropical notes from the late addition of hops is what our cider is all about. No-nonsense cider that tastes amazingly and is a great companion when appreciating a good meal.

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Our brewing family owned and managed team, led by Head Brewer Jeff, has continuously created great beers for you to enjoy. Jeff has a wealth of beer knowledge as well as some impressive credentials to back up his incredible abilities. Every Goodieson product reflects his devotion, hard work, and originality. Our cider and beers have won awards, and our brewers aren’t afraid to break the mould and create something unique!

The essential pillars we use here at Goodieson Brewery to guarantee that we continue to provide the greatest craft cider online and keep our Australians satisfied are reliability, devotion, and overall excellent production. Feel free to contact us personally and chat with Jeff or one of the team members for further information and insight into how we create our wheat beers and what you can learn from us. Alternatively, visit our website to have a taste of beer like you’ve never had before. Taste and enjoy – we’ll see you again soon!

Long Brewing Tradition

Our passion for brewing came from our passion for drinking good beer, and we’ve put a lot of "research" into drinking good beer.

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We only take groups up to about 10 people and the last group booking is 12.30pm, there are no group bookings after that. Please call 0409 676 542 to make this booking.