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Best Wheat Beer Australia

Wheat was first used as a brewing ingredient more than 10,000 years ago. In Europe, evidence of brewing using wheat dates as far back as 800 B.C. in Bavaria, which is now modern-day Germany. It is safe to say that wheat beer has been around for many years! Here at Goodieson Brewery, we are the pioneering team when it comes to making the finest and tasteful wheat beer in Australia. We are renowned for our best wheat beer Australia and always go above and beyond to ensure we keep up our high standards and ingredients! Our Wheat Beer will present banana and clove aromas and flavours which are true to style characteristics of the beer. The beer will be hazy and have a silky mouthfeel.

“Beer . . . a high and mighty liquor.” — Julius Caesar

If you have been on the lookout for exceptional wheat beer and are out to taste something new and innovative that has been backed from years of knowledge, travelling and experience you have come to the right place here at Goodieson Brewery. A family owned and operated brewery with emphasis on elegant mixes and amazing beer tastes. With state of the art manufacturing procedures that are constantly upgrading, we are the pioneers when it comes to wheat beer!

Reliability, dedication and overall exceptional produce are the key pylons we utilse here at Goodieson Brewery to ensure that we keep providing the best wheat beer in Australia and keep our Australians happy. For more information and insight on how we make our wheat beers and what you can learn from us, feel free to contact us directly and speak with Jeff or one of the members of the team. Alternatively, dive into our website and experience beer like never before. Taste and appreciate – we will see you soon!

Long Brewing Tradition

Our passion for brewing came from our passion for drinking good beer, and we’ve put a lot of "research" into drinking good beer.

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We only take groups up to about 10 people and the last group booking is 12.30pm, there are no group bookings after that. Please call 0409 676 542 to make this booking.